Issues in Education — I | Teachers and Teacher Education

Azim Premji University


Education is fundamental to every society in many ways. It is the most organised process for economic, social and cultural development. It is also a systematic effort of a society to progress towards its ideals. In the case of India, to bring to life the vision and values of the Constitution. For a democratic society, a vibrant public education system is foundational.

Our Series on Issues in Education aims to bring into focus educational matters that are important for the improvement of the education system in India. It will attempt to connect to the reality of education on the ground, which is often complex and defies any kind of clear narrative and definitive conclusions.

This series emerges from the deep presence of Azim Premji Foundation in 50 disadvantaged districts in the country and our work with school systems in over 15 States and the Government of India. We bring to bear our 19 years of experience in working directly and continuously with over a million public schools, teachers and education leaders. The first volume in this series is on teachers and teacher education.

In this volume, we look at the functioning of teacher education institutions, examine the kind of support that teachers in the public system receive and understand the conditions within which teachers work.