Pathshala Bheetar aur Bahar Issue 9

Azim Premji University,



Issue- 9 includes a range of articles on importance of and teaching of reading and writing to children. These explore how reading and writing maybe initiated and then furthered. Other articles touch upon beliefs about teaching of mathematics and how they impact teaching and learning and on how classroom discussion on conflicting issues in Social Science help develop critical thinking. Some other articles focus on the sharing experiences of organizing classes for children and for teachers during the lockdown. 

There are two articles related to issue of inclusion and equity in education. One on of them explores why and how of Gender education in context of teacher education curriculum and the other is about education of Jan Jati children and making learning possible for them. The interview in this issue is with Anurag Behar and focuses on the foundational elements of the National education policy 2020. And the book discussed in the issue is Ek School Manager kii dairy’.