i wonder… Issue 3

Azim Premji University,


Explore big questions around 4 themes: black holes, the wound healing capacity of the skin, Higgs bosons, and the matrix of life. 

Use the activity sheets in A milky way to learn biology’, What do we really see’, and Trees and seasons in a changing world’ to introduce students to thinking like a scientist, the human vision, and neighborhood trees. 

Discover how astronomers measure distances in space in our new section How do we know?’ Explore how engaging students in raising an urban terrace farm can strengthen their understanding and involvement with the local environment in Pedagogy of dirty hands’. 

Try out the concept builder from Physics for closeted Aristotelians’ to find out how well your students understand motion under gravity. 

Read our Research to practice’ section to discover how to create embodied learning experiences for students in the science classroom. Or learn more about the first image of a black hole in our section Hot off the press’.

Looking for more? Enjoy our pull-out poster on human skin and booklet on identifying 10 common trees.