i wonder… Issue 2

Azim Premji University,


Explore three Emerging Trends in Chemistry’ – new elements, metal-organic frameworks, and fluorescent tags. Read Serendipity’ & Annals of History’ to re-live the exciting jigsaw-puzzle-like process of scientific discovery – whether of a novel protein or the structure of DNA

Engage with the process of encouraging peer instruction in the science classroom through Students as Teachers’, or use our activity sheet Early Bird Nature Detectives Bingo’ to get students to observe (non-human) life in their backyards. 

Use our Science Lab’ section to get your students to calculate their molar masses (!) or understand pressure and volume through simple experiments with easily available low-cost materials. 

Discover the chemicals in everyday phenomenon through The Scent Orchestra of Flowers’ & The Chemistry of Life’. 

Explore the concept of energy from three very different perspectives with The Mystery of Dark Energy’, Powering (human) Life on Earth’ & Clean Energy’. Plus, enjoy our two pull-out posters on Doppler Effect’ and Some interesting scents of flowers’.