i wonder… Issue 1

Azim Premji University,


Explore the Evolution’ of stars, the Earth, life, and humans through three articles for our adult readers and one short story written for young adults. 

In Annals of History’ relive the contentious process of arriving at the unexpected mathematical pattern that has become key to our understanding of the diversity of life on Earth. 

Read Research to Practice’, The Science Educator at Work’ and Teaching as if the Earth Matters’ to see how complex concepts related to energy, evolution and soil can be taught through metaphors, art and real-world experiences. 

Learn more about Lynn Margulis’s controversial’ ideas and life in science in Biography of a Scientist’. If you’d like more, try some simple classroom experiments from The Science Lab’ to understand foundational principles in Physics. 

Use the seven activity sheets from Life in your Backyard’ to introduce your students to the fascinating world of spiders. Plus, enjoy our nine pull-out posters on themes as diverse as Benthic Fauna’, The Hard Problem of Consciousness’, and Ocean Acidification’.