Muthulakshmi R T S

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Science Education
  • Teacher Education
  • Chemistry/​Polymer Chemistry
  • Environmental Impact of Synthetic Organic Molecules
  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable Solutions


Muthulakshmi is an experienced organic/​polymer synthesis researcher. She is also an experienced upper primary and secondary school science educator. 

During her tenure with Saandeepani Academy for Excellence, Bengaluru, she taught chemistry, physics, geography, and mathematics apart from coordinating all sciences, school timetables, and online school activities. 

As a research and development scientist, she has worked on several interdisciplinary projects revolving around Engineering Thermoplastics and functional materials, ideated and developed a wide variety of new materials, formulations, charactersation methods, and prototype testing. She has also worked on developing polymeric membranes for fuel cells as part of PhD work. 

The most exciting part of teaching for her is to be with young minds, to feel energised with them, to be able to share the learnings, and learn from their inquisitive yet thoughtful queries and views. She would like her students to get inspired by nature while embracing the aspects of sustainability in every scientific thought. 

She holds PhD (Polymer Chemistry) and M Tech (Polymer Science and Technology) from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi), M Sc (Chemical Sciences) from Pondicherry University, BEd from Bangalore University, and BSc (Chemistry) from Gandhigram University. 



Journal Articles


Conferences, Seminars and Talks

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