Bengaluru needs nature-based solutions as well, not just tech-focused ones

Focus on home-grown solutions, pay attention to ecological wisdom, and keep communities at the centre while building a different imagination when it comes to conservation, says Harini Nagendra, as reported by The Hindu.

Harini Nagendra delivered the pre-conference lecture on Making Bangalore an Ecologically Smart City’ at the 18th International Conference on Public Policy and Management, hosted by the Centre for Public Policy (CPP) at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) between 22 and 24 August 2023

Read more about the highlights of the lecture here:

The Hindu-23 Aug 2023

Harini Nagendra is a faculty member at Azim Premji University. She leads the University’s Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability.

She may be contacted at harini.​nagendra@​apu.​edu.​in