Diploma Programmes in Education

Explore our Diploma Programmes in Education for practicing professionals in the field of Education.

Diploma LD 2023 2024 group

Our Diploma programmes are offered in a blended mode, combining online and on campus components, providing flexibility to continue working while attending the course.

We invite you to our information session (webinar), which will walk you through the complete details of our three Diploma Programmes and provide you with the opportunity to interact with the faculty members and admissions team to understand the programmes and the admission process.

The session is ideal for all the prospective participants interested in joining the programme. We also welcome Teachers, Teacher Educators, School Functionaries, Special Educators and NGO bodies working with the school system.

Diploma in Education- Early Childhood Education | 4 – 4:30 PM

Diploma in Education- Inclusive Education | 4:30 – 5 PM

Diploma in Education- Teaching Children with Learning Disabilities | 5 – 5:30 PM

Diploma Programmes in Education at Azim Premji University: