Teaching Chemistry

For Biology, Chemistry and Physics major students

This course will invite student-teachers to explore the nature of the subject matter in chemistry and its place in the wider field of science. It will provide an opportunity for gaining a bird’s eye view of the progression of core concepts across the grades and facilitate an understanding of the nuances of teaching chemistry to middle and high school students. Student-teachers will analyse different school curricula, and map out horizontal and vertical connections across topics and linkages with other sciences, enabling the possibility of developing integrative themes across subject boundaries. Student-teachers will acquire a pedagogical toolbox, comprising a variety of teaching strategies and resources, including practical work with materials and laboratory equipment. This will enable them to effectively plan experiments, demonstrations and models that complement classroom teaching. They will also become acquainted with common misconceptions among students and learn to design effective assessment tools for gauging students’ learning. Through the review of a few case studies of exemplary teaching, and opportunities for peer teaching along with feedback, they will be motivated to develop their own pedagogical content knowledge for teaching school chemistry.