Colonial India

Explores the political, economic, and cultural changes in British colonial India from 1750 to 1920, emphasising the impact on various aspects of South Asian life.

Covering a history of roughly 150 years of colonial South Asia, this course introduces the students to a crucial period of South Asian history that continues to shape the present in very fundamental ways. The course starts with the formation and myriad ways in which the East India Company and the British colonial state intervened into South Asian society. This course familiarises the students with the general and theoretical aspects of colonialism, imperialism with specific focus on the political, economic and cultural transformation in British colonial India, spanning the time period of 1750 to 1920. The course takes a broader view of colonial intervention in various domains of south Asian life and polity, while bringing the responses generated by the colonial subjects to various policies and practices effected by the colonial state. Simultaneously, it seeks to draw student attention to intermediate actors between the colonial state and subjects, such as missionaries, traders, vaids, hakims, tehsildars and taluqdars.