Rethinking Development

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Over the last 70 years, development has witnessed various twists and turns in theory as well as in practice in India. During the last 30 years, the emphasis shifted from a purely economic development approach to participatory development, human development and recently to sustainable development. In parallel, new realities are emerging, calling for a fundamental rethinking of the organizing principles around which the development endeavor has been built.

The six-day course titled Rethinking Development’ provides a landscape view of the various new ways of development thinking and practice are gaining ground in India. The course helps participants to question the dominant paradigms of production and markets, governance, education, skills and knowledge in the context of the emerging social-ecological realities of the country.

  • Familiarity with the emerging vision of development through alternative ideas, concepts, and locating the self in this endeavor.
  • Awareness of the alternative conceptualizations of production systems, governance, education-knowledge through contemporary examples
  • Exposure to alternative frameworks of development action

The course is open to professionals with a Masters’ Degree in any discipline, working in the development sector for at least 7 years. The candidates must be between 30 – 50 years of age. Depending upon availability, some seats may be open to research scholars. All applicants must possess a working knowledge of English.

The pedagogy would include small group discussions, large group discussions, interactive sessions, simulation exercise, reading and classroom presentations, case studies, short documentaries, and classroom lectures.


The course fee does not include accommodation. The university can arrange accommodation at Wipro guest house for 7 days for additional payment of Rs. 8260/- (all taxes included). Request for the same has to be intimated at time of application.

Alternatively, participants can make their own arrangements. All other costs, such as travel to and from Bangalore, local travel, stay, breakfast and dinner must be borne by participants.

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