Snow leopards in peril

Asia’s elusive Snow Leopards confront habitat loss due to warming climates, altering their range and increasing conflicts with humans. Rising emissions may reduce their homes by 30%, endangering this vulnerable species

Factoid 1

Snow leopards or Panthera uncia’ is a species native to the mountain ranges of south and central Asia. It is a vulnerable species as there are less than 10,000 mature individuals currently.

As the world gets hotter these snow leopards move higher in altitude in search of cooler temperatures which leads to a reduction in habitat size which means that the habitat can support fewer organisms than before making it harder for the snow leopard to hunt and feed itself.

It also puts them at a higher risk of running into human settlements. Greenhouse gas emissions will likely cause a shift of the treeline in the Himalayas and a shrinking of the alpine zone, which may reduce snow leopard habitat by 30%.