Report: Covid-19 crisis: Survey on internal challenges faced by social sector organisations

Azim Premji University


This report is based on a study to understand how the Social Sector Organisations (SSOs) are adapting their operations and resources to the challenges posed by the pandemic and the kind of changes they anticipate in the social sector in the next few years as they adjust to a post-Covid world. The study specifically focuses on the internal organisational changes of SSOs both in the short-term and medium-term. 

The situation assessment study was carried out over five months during January-May 2021. The study was carried in two parts: (a) A survey of SSOs followed by (b) qualitative in-depth interviews with senior management of select organisations. 

Of the 107 organisations that responded to the survey, we identified 28 respondents for the qualitative interviews, covering small, medium and large organisations operating in different states and domains such as livelihoods, health, education, human rights and gender. 

The findings are organised into the following categories: 

a. Humanitarian work carried out by SSOs 

b. Impact of the pandemic on the existing programmes of SSOs 

c. Impact of the pandemic on the workforce of SSOs 

d. Impact on funding to SSOs