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Towards quality education

  • Education for Social Change

    Nurturing individuals for a commitment to social justice, equity, humane values and sustainability.

  • Career avenues

    Explore roles to work in the implementation of educational interventions

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The diversity among students at University allowed me to think about the differences that we have and how we come together with common goals. These interactions, sensitivity and reflection on what I did and do, shaped the way I think and is shaping the way I am.

Vamshi gunda

Vamshi Gunda

Perspectives from our diverse community

  • Our torchbearers

    Watch our students and alumni speak about their rich experiences.

  • Engineers in the social sector

    How engineers can understand the public education system and help improve it

  • Placement cell

    Acting as a platform to assist the students to find the ideal place of work to contribute to building a better society.