Suraj Jacob

Areas of Interest & Expertise

Political Economy of Development, Gender, Politics and Development, Institutions and Institutional Change, Comparative Public Policy


Suraj Jacob is a visiting faculty with the School of Development.

Suraj is a political economist interested in what makes for injustice” and under-development”, and their dynamics of change. His formal training is in Economics, but he has broadened it to Politics and Sociology. Suraj was educated in India, England, and the US, and taught for some years in the US. He has also worked with NGOs both in India and the US.

Publications and Writings

  • The Kerala Régime and Regional Disparities in Health Infrastructure Versus Outcomes” (2014), India Review 13:1, 58 – 77
  • Gender and Legislative Performance in India” (2014), Politics & Gender 10, 236 – 264
  • Gender Norms and Women’s Political Representation: A Global Analysis of Cabinets, 1979 – 2009” (2014), Governance: An International Journal of Policy, Administration, and Institutions, 27:2, 321 – 345; co-authored with John Scherpereel and Melinda Adams
  • Studying the Indian Legislature: What does Question Hour Reveal?” (2014), Studies in Indian Politics 2:1, 1 – 19, co-authored with Srikrishna Ayyangar