Amit Kumar

Areas of Interest & Expertise

Histories of Capitalism, Ecology and Conflict in Himalayas, Questions of becoming/​belonging/​Identity, particularly the Intersections of Region, Religion, Gender and Caste


Amit Kumar is a faculty with the School of Arts and Sciences.

Amit is a historian of Modern South Asia focusing on the history of Jammu and Kashmir. His work has been related to the socio-economic history of the textile industry of Kashmir.

Publications and Writings

Journal Articles

  • Marginality and Historiography: The Case of Kashmir’s History’, (Special Article) Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), September 26, 2015, Vol. no. 39 co-authored with Fayaz A. Dar
  • The politics of Pre-Election Riots: The case of Kishtwar Communal Clashes’, Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) Vol. XLIX, no. 8, 22 February, 2014

Book Reviews

  • Amit Kumar (2019): Romila Thapar, Rāmīn Ğahānbiglū and Neeladri Bhattacharya, Talking History, Society and Culture in South Asia, 5(1) 155 – 1682019
  • mit Kumar (2017): Imagining Kashmir: emplotment and colonialism, Contemporary South Asia, (ahead of print), DOI: 10. 108009584935.2017.1362205

Popular Articles

On-going Projects

Forthcoming Book titled, Artisans, Capital and the State: The Global History of Kashmiri Textile Industries 1820 – 1960 with Taylor and Francis (Routledge) Pvt. Ltd.