Exploring the Microscopic World

A two-day workshop on Molecular Biology and Microbiology techniques for high school students

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With the workshop, we intend to provide students a deeper understanding of theoretical concepts by offering hands-on exposure to various techniques commonly used in biology. Additionally, the workshop aims to cultivate critical thinking skills and promote research practices.

Grade X‑XII students will gain a practical experience in Microbiology and Molecular Biology techniques, highlighting the importance of adopting sound laboratory practices and nurturing critical thinking in biology education. 

Students will

  • engage in various microbiology techniques such as bacterial culturing, plate preparation, media preparation, and differentiation between gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.
  • explore common molecular biology techniques, including agarose gel electrophoresis and polymerase chain reaction, and their applications in recombinant DNA technology. 

We have received an overwhelming response and due to limited seats, the registrations are now closed. Keep visiting our website to know more about such events. 

Day 1

Introduction to the Workshop

Theory: Basics of DNA Gel Electrophoresis

Hands-on Experience: Agarose Gel electrophoresis


Theory: Basics of Polymerase Chain Reaction

DNA quantitation by Gel, Visualisation of DNA and interpretation of Gel electrophoresis


Day 2

Introduction to gram staining and serial dilution methods

Hands-on experience in staining gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria


Hands-on experience on streaking technique

Concluding remarks and Certificates distribution

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