Decipher Data: A Workshop for Budding Economists and Data Scientists

Inviting high school students to dive into the fascinating world of data

Final Eco Workshop 1

We invite high school students (Grades X — XII) to a day-long workshop—a quick introduction to the fascinating world of data analysis which will equip you with valuable skills for real-world application of data. 

What will you learn?

You will learn to question assumptions, evaluate evidence, and draw reasoned conclusions by engaging with data. It can serve as a gateway to delve into these essential skills.

We will break down the steps of data analysis. You will also get an opportunity to try using spreadsheets to enter data, do basic analysis, and make graphs. You will also learn how to use data smartly and spot mistakes.

Limited spots are available. Reserve your spot by registering here.

Reading and understanding graphs


Learning how to plot graphs using Excel