The multifaceted world of sport

Explore our alumni experiences in sports, employment opportunities that sports can provide, and more

Multifaceted world of sport Alumni webinar series

This discussion delves into the experiences of alumni who have participated in sports during their time at the University and beyond. They will discuss what notions about sport they had before joining the University and how has it changed since. 

They share their insights on the employment opportunities that sports can provide, specifically in the education and development sector. And the interdisciplinary fields between sports and other subjects that exist, which could open a wide range of opportunities in the future. 

The alumni will highlight the valuable skills they acquired through sports and discuss how these skills translate into successful careers, including coaching, teaching, and roles within sports sciences.

About the speakers

Vamshi Gunda, Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology, 2016 – 19, Azim Premji University, is currently pursuing MSc in Exercise and Sports Physiology from the Faculty of Sports Science and Medicine department at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.

Vamshi brings valuable experience as a Programme Manager at One All NGO, utilising Ultimate Frisbee to teach life skills to children. Additionally, he served as a Research Assistant at University, developing interactive data visualisation applications focused on education data.

As a Research Associate, Vamshi contributed to curriculum development for Sports and Fitness IS at the University. He actively participated in the sports administration group and conducted running sessions, strength training sessions, and Ultimate Frisbee sessions during his time at the University. Excitingly, Vamshi is now serving as an Assistant Coach for the Indian Ultimate Opens team, which will be participating in Asia Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Championship (AOUGC) 2023. 

Naveen Kumar, Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Physics, 2016 – 19, Azim Premji University, is working as Engineer at Libtech, a part-time coach at Inventure Academy, part of Karnataka State and Indian Ultimate Frisbee Opens team.

Auroshree Mohanta, Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics, 2020 – 23, Azim Premji University, currently works with Flying Disc Sports Federation India (FDSFI) school committee and interned with them for a year before joining the University. 

During this time, she collaborated with partner organisations to unlock the potential of ultimate frisbee as a development tool and delved into the realm of gender equality within the sport through the Young India Fellowship project. Additionally, she has been selected for the Indian National team and twice represented Karnataka in the State Championship.

Arvind Bharathi B N is a faculty member at Azim Premji University.