At Right Angles: SOGOL So Cool!

Explore with Swati Sircar an innovative Teaching Learning Material designed and developed by Sunil Bajaj, State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Haryana.

At Ri A webinar 16 Aug 2023

Bead chains are commonly used for counting, a tape for measurement. Can a single manipulative combine both these functions? And can the whole be more than the sum of its parts? Find out from Sunil Bajaj, SCERT Haryana as he talks to Swati Sircar about SOGOL.

The discussion will be in English and Hindi.

Read the article in English and in Hindi.

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About the speakers

Sunil Bajaj is the Deputy Director, SCERT Haryana, Gurugram. He has also been a Resource Person for the professional development of teachers, development of maths textbooks, maths kits, TLMs and modules by NCERT and SCERT and was honoured by the Governor of Haryana on Teachers Day. He may be contacted at bajajsunil68@​gmail.​com

Swati Sircar is a faculty member at the School of Continuing Education and University Resource Centre (SCE-URC), Azim Premji University. Math is the second love of her life (the first being drawing). She is a BStat-MStat from Indian Statistical Institute and an MS in math from University of Washington, Seattle. She has been doing mathematics with children and teachers for more than a decade and is deeply interested in anything hands-on— origami in particular. 

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