Katha 4.0 | The Self

Let’s look back and find the journey within you’. Let’s look forward and dream of the road ahead for you. Let’s pause and explore what it means to be you’.


KATHA- Dance Yours to Life’ is a narrative-dance recital organised by undergraduate students and faculty of the University since 2018

Each year, a theme guides the performers to showcase their talents through a wide range of dance forms and styles such as contemporary, Bharatnatyam, Ghoomar, Kathak, K‑Pop, Freestyle, and many more. 

The first edition saw the students bringing their different, Kathe, stories to life, while the second edition was filled with emotions of the Navarasasall expressed through the language of dance. 

The third year of Katha after the pandemic, presented Amare—love in all its shades and flavours through dances and movements. 

This year, Katha’s fourth edition brings performers’ journey into The Self where they explore different facets of their life and what it means to be them. 

So, block your calendars and come, join us!

Katha, in pictures