Gut Feeling | Science Writing Workshop

Explore creative possibilities with science

Gut feeling Science Writing Workshop

We are delighted to invite you all for a Science Writing Workshop. This is being organised as part of Gut Feeling, a project that invites creative collaboration between students of science and the humanities. 

The workshop by Jamie Barber, University of Buffalo, aims to introduce students to creative possibilities with science.

About the facilitator

Jamie Barber holds a position in the academic and professional writing programme at the University at Buffalo where she also serves as the director of the Journalism Certificate Programme. 

Barber’s work in the classroom aims to decentre concepts of normal” in order to invite students to leverage their diverse backgrounds and abilities as they develop their writing skills.

Barber’s creative work often focuses on interactions between humans and the more-than-human world. Her essay The Trouble with Cockroaches explores tension between a do-no-harm” attitude and a cockroach infestation. Her essay Accepting Impermanence speculates that ancient people may have advice for a new mother. 

Barber is also developing her journalism portfolio. She writes about earthquake research for Temblor, and about the Buffalo, NY community for Buffalo Rising.

Barber is in India on a 6‑month Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship. She is partnered with the Science Gallery Bengaluru and works with a group of students who are using science content in their creative writing projects.

Glimpses from the event

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