Gut Feeling

Inviting collaboration between hungry young writers, illustrators, and scientists

Gut feeling

We are delighted to invite you all to the first session of Gut Feeling, a project that invites creative collaboration between students of science and the humanities. 

If you are: 

  • passionate about science, research, microbes, gut
  • excited about doing creative work, whether illustration, design, or writing
  • or all of the above

Join us at 5 PM!

We will begin with an introductory session by Yogesh Shouche, on the mysterious aliens who live and thrive in our bodies, the gut bacteria that wield such influence on our mental and emotional behaviours. 

About future workshops

Future workshops will introduce students to creative possibilities — science communication, design and illustration, and speculative fiction. The workshops and resource persons will foster in students a solid grounding in science, communication, creativity, and the many ways in which these can intersect, both here and in the students’ futures.

Students’ work will be collected and published online. We hope to build an open-source repository of material with the same.

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