CRX Mela

A celebration of creativity, self-expression, and physicality with a focus on the learning process

CRX Mela April 2023

Our students will be showcasing their music, dance, art, craft, games, and theatre at the CRX Mela.

This is a great opportunity for us to come together and celebrate the power of the arts and sports to transform lives and bring people together.


Course TitleSpaceTiming
Yoga and WellbeingCorridor between B5-04 and B5-052 – 2:15 PM
Salsa for BeginnersCorridor between B5-04 and B5-052:15 – 2:35 PM
Tales of the JungleBetween library and B‑52:35 – 3 PM
Understanding RhythmsBetween library and B‑53 – 3:30 PM
Guitar 101Between library and B‑53:30 – 4 PM
Singing a memory B5-072 – 3 PM
Performance-making as Critical EnquiryB5-082 – 4 PM
Games: Making Health ContagiousB5-06 and corridor 2 – 4 PM
Material Histories: Collaborative InstallationB5-032 – 4 PM
Fabric ArtsB5-052 – 4 PM
Arts for Mental Health PromotionCorridor between B5-06 and B5-072 – 4 PM
Visual ArtB5-042 – 4 PM
Clay ModellingCorridor near B5 lift entrance (near B5-03)2 – 4 PM

CRX (Creative Expressions) Courses at Azim Premji University

We relate to the world not only through intellect but also with our bodies and creative abilities.
In this set of courses and workshops, you will explore aesthetic, physical, and expressive traditions. You can choose workshops in art, music, theatre, dance and sports or fitness. You will develop a guided self-study and choose to learn a sport, art, or craft. You could make a performance, produce a piece of work or build a portfolio.

Know more about CRX courses at Azim Premji University here.