Book Talk | The Vulgarity of Caste

Shailaja Paik, Bindu Menon Mannil, and Srinivas S V will be in conversation with K Kalyani on Dalits, sexuality, and humanity in modern India.


This book offers the social and intellectual history of the Dalit performance of Tamasha — a popular form of public, secular, traveling theatre in Maharashtra — and places Dalit Tamasha women who represented the desire and disgust of the patriarchal society at the heart of modernisation in twentieth-century India.

About the Author

Shailaja Paik is Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati. She is the Taft Distinguished Professor of History and Affiliate Faculty in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and Asian Studies. 

Her research lies at the intersection of fields concerning Modern South Asia, Dalit Studies, Women’s Studies, Oral History to mention a few. Her first book was Dalit Women’s Education in Modern India: Double Discrimination and her latest book is The Vulgarity of Caste: Dalits, Sexuality and Humanity in Modern India from Stanford University Press.

About the Speakers

Bindu Menon Mannil, Srinivas S V and K Kalyani are faculty members at Azim Premji University.