At Right Angles: Explorations with Spreadsheets

The exploration of the Spaghetti problem using spreadsheets will give you food for thought.

At Ri A Webinar 18 Oct 2023 LN

Spreadsheets are for accountants, right? Wrong! Listen to Jonaki Ghosh explaining to Sneha Titus how spreadsheets lend themselves to mathematical explorations which develop mathematical and computational thinking across elementary and secondary school. 

The discussion will be in English.

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About the Speaker

Jonaki Ghosh is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Elementary Education, Lady Sri Ram College, University of Delhi where she teaches courses related to math education. 

She has taught mathematics at the Delhi Public School, R K Puram, where she set up the Math Laboratory & Technology Centre. She has started a Foundation through which she conducts professional development programmes for math teachers.

Her primary area of research interest is in the use of technology in mathematics instruction. She is a member of the Indo Swedish Working Group on Mathematics Education. She regularly participates in national and international conferences. She has published articles in journals and authored books for school students. 

She may be contacted at jonakibghosh@​gmail.​com

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