At Right Angles: The Computational Thinking Classroom

Geeta Ghormade and Pallavi Naik, two school principals, in conversation with Mujahidul Islam about their experiences in implementing Computational Thinking in the classroom.

At Ri A Webinar 17 May 2023 SM

This webinar is a follow up to the At Right Angles webinar The Lens of Computational Thinking, based on the same article. 

Here we delve deeper into the fine details of teaching Computational Thinking – is it taught as a separate subject, if not, which subjects does it align naturally with, what are the advantages and constraints.

Mujahidul Islam talks to Geeta Ghormade and Pallavi Naik, two school principals, about their experiences in implementing Computational Thinking in the classroom.

The discussion will be in English and Hindi.

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About the Speakers

Geeta Ghormade is a Math educator who was instrumental in the implementation of Computational Thinking in schools. She developed an implementation model of the CS Pathasala curriculum by integrating it with Math and ICT

She is currently working as Resource Centre Head of the Meghe Group of Schools and served as a facilitator for teachers’ capacity building and professional development-based training programmes across India. She developed a Mathematics lab for Meghe Group of Schools. 

Pallavi Naik is the Principal of Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High School, Ganeshnagar, Pune, and has more than three decades of experience with the KHS family. She began her career as a kindergarten teacher and over the years has gained experience as a teacher educator, instructional leader, and teacher of English. 

She has taught a wide spectrum of students ranging from kindergarten to grade X. She was awarded the Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching Programme at the College of Education, University of Maryland, USA. Pallavi is also a master trainer for English Language Initiative for Secondary Schools (ELISS), a partnership project between the British Council and Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaan (RMSA).

About the moderator

Mujahidul Islam is an Edtech Specialist who works at the crossroads of technology, media and education with a special emphasis on digital ways of learning. He researches, collaborates and executes technological interventions that promote equitable access in the Edtech space. 

He actively constructs learning experiences through making and tinkering, with the belief that mathematics is a language of finding, creating and expressing patterns. 

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