At Right Angles: Simply Symmetry

Krittika Hazra in conversation with Swati Sircar, on how mathematics and aesthetics connect, allowing creativity to flow

At Ri A Webinar 19 April 2023 SM

Based on the Playing with Symmetry TearOut’ (At Right Angles, November 2022), Krittika did a workshop on Symmetry with movement, paper cutting, and more. What are the generalisations that we can arrive at from this exploration?

The TearOut is based on the project of Keshvi, an MA in Education student at Azim Premji University as part of her Curricular Material Development – Mathematics course.

In the TearOut, she explores the symmetry of various regular polygons. Pages 1 – 3 are worksheets for students while page 4 provides guidelines for the facilitator. Read the article at https://​bit​.ly/​4​0​QzWKA

The discussion will be in English.

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