Spiralling into Desire | Film Screening and Workshop

The workshop by Brinda Jacob-Janvrin, based on the movement language used in the film, invites the audience to explore how we hold desire in our bodies.

Spiralling into Desire traces a woman’s descent into her deep body to access and retrieve her true autonomy. The film also draws parallels from the first epic poem The descent of Inanna’ which narrates the story of the Sumerian goddess Innana’s descent into the underworld, to visit her sister Ershikegel — the queen of the dead. 

Separated, the two sisters represent the Madonna/​Whore split, a dangerous consequence of patriarchy. The descent begins the journey towards the healing of this split.

This experimental film is set at the intersection of the arts, psychology and spirituality. Inspired by the practice and discipline of authentic movement and natural dreamwork, the film builds on both — the creative process and the witnessing process, as it explores the question how do we hold desire in our bodies’.

About the workshop

The film screening will be followed by a workshop facilitated by Brinda Jacob-Janvrin. The workshop is based on the movement language used in the film — Authentic Movement, and invites the audience to explore how we hold desire in our bodies.

About the facilitator 

Brinda Jacob-Janvrin is a movement-based expressive arts therapist and a contemporary dancer/​choreographer with more than 25 years of performing experience. 

A qualified counsellor, she has been working extensively with movement and arts therapies since 2003. A practitioner and facilitator for Authentic Movement and Natural Dreamwork. Brinda is the founder and managing trustee of the Studio for Movement Arts and Therapies Trust, Bengaluru.


  • The event has a capacity of 60 participants so participants are required to sign up for the same via the google form.
  • If you wish to attend the workshop, it is mandatory to attend the movie screening as well, as they are interconnected.