Rethinking Social Justice

Join us for a panel discussion with Kuffir Nalgundwar, Founder and Editor, Round Table India, and Chetan Ahimsa, Actor and Social Activist, followed by a book release event.

Savitri Ambedkar Cultural Club

Savitri-Ambedkar Cultural Club is excited to announce the beginning of a discussion series on Rethinking Social Justice.

The first event will be a panel discussion followed by a book release event.

Kuffir Nalgundwar is the founder and editor of Round Table India, a public intellectual and Dalit activist with a work experience of more than fifteen years.

Chetan Ahimsa is a film actor, social activist, and public intellectual.

Book Release:

  1. Navayana Buddhism: Context Debates and Theories by S. R. Bodhi, Subodh N. W., & Shailesh Kumar
  2. Caste and Class by Bojja Thakaram

We are delighted to have such public intellectuals on Campus. We expect your wholehearted participation in this programme.

Jai Bhim, Jai Phule!