Engineers for the Development Sector

Are you an engineer with a passion for social change? What can be the pathways for engineers to join the social/​development sector?

Engineers for the development sector


You should be an Engineering graduate and looking to transition to the social sector. (Those completing their degree in 2023 can also register for the webinar)

Webinar agenda

An engineer brings to the table the skills of project management, logical reasoning, data analysis, and interpretation. These competencies are becoming increasingly valuable, as work in the organised social sector is becoming more professional than before. 

This 90-minute webinar is designed as an interactive session for engineers and will introduce participants to the following:

1) Barriers to Human Development

2) Professionals to build a good society (what capabilities are required – technical skills + ??)

3) How engineers can contribute to the social sector

4) Pathways for engineers to join the social development sector

5) Organisations, roles, and career paths for engineers in the social sector

For enquiries or other questions, write to us at outreach@​apu.​edu.​in