Enacting the NEP 2020, becoming inclusive educators: A Panel Discussion

Do all children belong in the regular classroom? How can teachers meet the learning needs of every child in their classroom? Can there be different ways of assessing children in the same classroom?

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There are children with different learning needs in every classroom. Children with disabilities educated in regular schools outperform those educated in segregated settings. An inclusive school environment benefits all children, not just those with disabilities.

The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) envisages an inclusive and structural change in the educational system. It focuses on Equitable and Inclusive Education’ which reverberates the idea that no child should be left behind.

This webinar will discuss some of the salient points related to inclusive education and learning disabilities mentioned within the NEP 2020. Our panelists are experts on the subject with backgrounds in research, practice, and literature. 

The discussion will delve into key policy recommendations and their implications with respect to school infrastructure, learning environment, school and classroom practice, assessment and teacher professional development in relation to inclusive education and learning disabilities. The panel will also discuss current implementational efforts of making inclusion a reality in India.

Who should join?

This webinar is ideal for teachers, educators, NGO professionals, and other leaders engaged with working with children with disability. It is also ideal for working professionals who are concerned about issues of inclusive education and are keen to explore careers in the sector. 

Our panellists

  1. Kushal Dattani, Co-founder, Samait Shala
  2. Aruna Sankaranarayanan, Founder, Prayatna, a centre for children with learning difficulties
  3. Seema Nath, Senior Project Manager, Ummeed Child Development Centre