Salsa for Beginners

Explore salsa’s cultural history, rhythm and musicality skills while learning the dance form.

This course will focus on teaching students steps of the LA-Cuban style of salsa. Salsa is a highly engaging and social dance form that provides an exciting way to stay active and connect with others. The class offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich cultural history and context of salsa, providing a deeper understanding of Latin American heritage and its influence on dance. Salsa also promotes rhythm and musicality, enhancing students’ ability to connect movement with music. Furthermore, the class fosters self-expression and individual style, encouraging students to use their bodies as a means of understanding and expressing themselves. Moreover, the rhythmic and musical elements of salsa align with the idea that learning is not solely a mental process but an integrated experience involving both the mind and body. Through this class, students can improve their physical coordination, develop their sense of timing, and cultivate a holistic understanding of the art of dance Students will be taught basic movements, some commonly used patterns of steps, how to lead and follow in partnered dancing, and encouraged to create on-the-spot step combinations for any song they are dancing to.