Noteworthy choir

Embrace Western Classical Music and Sight Singing through social sensitivity in groups.

The course will focus on students learning the language of Western Classical Music notation and developing the ability to sing music at sight from a given simple music score. For almost all people, music is an aural phenomenon and so it is learned aurally. While the end product is indeed aural, music much like mathematics can be learned abstractly. (Beethoven wrote his greatest symphony, Symphony No. 9 when he was deaf!). The advantage is that if the language is learned well, the student will have the opportunity to pave a clear path toward learning to play any Western classical instrument or to sing any piece of music without prior listening. It aims to introduce Western Classical Music and Sight Singing along with the focus and culture required for group singing.

Group singing and playing instruments in groups have been proven to develop a sense of community and camaraderie among participants. While this course helps develop new experiences and skills in a student, it also helps the student be more socially sensitive. This means that, at the least, should some conflict arise, the chance that they find it in them to actively listen to each other’s point of view is more because of the bonding that the music activity has built among them.