On Faith And Religion

Ghalib’s tongue-in-cheek views on religion would have been inflammatory in the present day. In this episode, discover an aspect of the famed Urdu poet that equally shocks and charms 

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Ghalib on religion would have crashed Twitter. 

Much ink, and blood, have been spilt over religion and faith throughout human history. Yet, nothing stopped Mirza Ghalib from playfully exploring these realms, where even the boldest present-day poets tread with caution. 

Ghalib on Twitter would have been a powder keg but, in those arguably more patient and forgiving times, not only did his tongue-in-cheek challenge of the rituals and symbols of faith elicit a chuckle from his challengers, but their well-intended mischief never failed to provoke thought and reasoning.

In this episode, discover an aspect of Ghalib that equally shocks and charms.


Akshay Ramuhalli, Bijoy Venugopal, Bruce Lee Mani, Narayan Krishnaswamy, Prashant Vasudevan, Sananda Dasgupta, Seema Seth, Shraddha Gautam, Supriya Joshi, and Velu Shankar 


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  • YouTube | On Ramzan fasting (8:15 to 9:22)
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