Our Sustainable Campus

Translating our philosophy into design through architectural and accessibility features at Azim Premji University, Bhopal

We are extending our sustainable practices to Azim Premji University, Bhopal with a focus on rainwater harvesting, water treatment, local species-based landscaping, and solar power generation. 

The 50-acre campus design is influenced by the local architecture in Madhya Pradesh, using design elements from Sanchi, Mandu, etc. The campus will be fully sustainable with state-of-the-art facilities for academics, sports, art and craft activities, among others.

There are various elements through which our philosophy is translated into the campus design, within the framework of regulatory requirements (zonal, environmental, fire safety, etc.)

Apart from a vibrant teaching-learning experience, and a sustainable campus in line with local architecture, here are a few other highlights: 

Water conservation and management system

The University will be one of the few institutions in India which will have extensive water conservation and management systems. Designed based on the ancient Mandu principles of storage and recycling, the water system will facilitate rainwater harvesting and recharge of groundwater.

Large water treatment facilities are also planned as part of the campus design. We have built around 50 kl of treated water tank in the first part of the project to cater to the requirements of students and members. This is apart from the overhead tanks (40 kl including the hostel and academic block) and the treated SS tank for drinking water with 1 kl capacity.

We have a rainwater collection tank of 150 kl. The water treated from this can also be used in 3 to 4 months of the rainy season.

Energy conservation

The campus uses locally available material extensively in its design with aspects that bring in maximum glare-free natural light. All the buildings are naturally ventilated. Air conditioning is provided only in specific areas like conference rooms, seminar halls, and the Library.

The building design ensures that one is protected from the sun’s radiation by creating shaded spaces in the tropical Bhopal sun. All motors, lighting, and air conditioners installed on the campus have high energy efficiency ratings.

The hostel buildings are installed with solar hot water panels for the supply of hot water to these buildings. Solar panels are also installed on the roofs of academic buildings for energy conservation.


The University campus is designed for barrier-free access to all the facilities by persons with disabilities. Hostel blocks have rooms designed to ease wheelchair movement.

The academic blocks have restrooms on each floor that are designed in such a way that persons with disabilities can use them with ease.

All other elements of accessibility like ramps for access to all spaces, wide classroom doors for ease of wheelchair users have been factored in the design.


The campus is being planned in a way such that it can accommodate 8,000 – 10,000 students with separate hostel facilities for girls and boys and housing for members. True to the diversity we aim for, we welcome people from across the country, belonging to different socio-economic conditions.

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