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Student Research Conclave (SRC)

Furthering vibrant exchange of ideas, intensifying conversation around student research and stimulating wider cross-learning


At Azim Premji University, students engage in a range of research-related activities as a part of their learning. To further conversations around student research at the University, the first Student Research Conclave was held on 17 March 2023. 

The goal of the Conclave was to encourage a vibrant exchange of ideas across programmes and majors, intensify conversation around student research and stimulate wider cross-learning.

Students can opt to present in any of the formats mentioned below, submissions are selected based on abstracts, and where necessary in consultation with faculty mentors. 

Proposed presentation formats:

Short Talk5‑minute talk about the research project. 
Poster Presentation (Including displays of curriculum materials, artefacts)Visual representation of the research project through posters, photo essays (digital or printed), etc.
DemonstrationDemonstration of experiments, a short film, or any other innovative way of communicating research.
Open micProgramme that features student participation at the end of the day. The theme could include fun presentations through songs, skits, folklore, etc. of their experience of conducting research.

For enquiries, reach out to research@​apu.​edu.​in