Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Multilingual Education
  • Translanguaging
  • Language Assessment
  • Language and Technology


Pallavi works in the area of multilingual education. Prior to joining the University, she pursued a PhD on translanguaging at the Faculty of Education, Central Institute of Education, University of Delhi. The study explored the nature of fluid language practices that multilingual students and teachers engage in while interacting with each other in classroom contexts. She was awarded the prestigious Commonwealth Doctoral Scholarship to conduct a part of this study at The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK. Along with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, she has two master’s degrees in Linguistics and Education. Pallavi has taught courses on language education and linguistics as an assistant professor at Mata Sundri College and Institute of Home Economics of University of Delhi. She has also worked as a researcher with Eklavya Foundation in Bhopal. She has presented her research work on multilingualism at several international and national conferences. 

She enjoys going on solo travels and listening to music when she is not working.


Publications and Writings:

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