Nitya Vasudevan

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Publicness and Gender
  • Women’s Labour
  • Sexual Politics
  • Literature and Politics
  • Science Fiction
  • South Indian Cinema
  • Culture and Globalisation
  • Digital Intimacy
  • Memory Work
  • Education
  • Social Justice


Nitya joined the University in January 2020. Before this, she worked for five years as faculty at the Centre for Wellness and Justice, Baduku Community College (an initiative of Samvada NGO in Bengaluru). At Samvada, she was also the convener of the Kanaja Youth Research Cell. 

She completed her PhD in Cultural Studies at the Centre for the Study of Culture and Society, Bengaluru (affiliated with Manipal University). Her thesis, titled Turning Towards the Bodily Subject: Theorising the Field of Visibility in Contemporary India’ examined the ways in which women’s bodies appear, are exposed, perform, are shamed or rendered spectacle in the public domain. 

She is currently researching digital intimacy in the lives of young Asian women, in collaboration with scholars from Bengaluru, Hong Kong, Singapore and China. 

She has taught courses in the fields of Literary and Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Research Methodology, and Wellness and Justice. Her publications revolve around culture, gender, globalisation, cinema, sexuality, caste, censorship, education and pedagogy. 

She is a co-director of the Bangalore Queer Film Festival since 2010.



Chapters in edited books

  • Vasudevan, N. (2019). Navel Gazing: Of Loving Women, Hating Men and Fighting Back in Our Time. In N.Banerjea, K. Browne, E. Ferreira, M. Olasik & J. Podmore (Eds.), (Re)Claiming Lesbian Feminisms: Transnational Dialogues with Contemporary Heteropatriarchies (pp. 202 — 229). Zed Books. 10.5040/
  • Ratnam, A., & Vasudevan, N. (2018). The Personal and Pedagogical in the 21st Century: Experiments in Learning About Marriage. In J. Sefton-Green & O. Ershad (Eds.), Learning Beyond the School: International Perspectives on The Schooled Society (pp. 209 — 226). Routledge. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​4324​/​9781315110318
  • Vasudevan, N. (2013). Public Women’ and the Obscene’ Body: An Exploration of Abolition Debates in India. In S. Wieringa and H. Sivori (Eds.), The Sexual History of the Global South: Sexual Politics in Africa, Asia and Latin America (pp.168 — 186). Zed Books. http://​dx​.doi​.org/​10​.​5040​/​9781350223523​.​c​h-009
  • Malhotra, N. A., & Vasudevan, N. (2011). The State of Desire and Other Flights of Fantasy: Sexuality, Pornography, Technology. In A. Narrain & A. Gupta (Eds.), Law like Love: Queer Perspectives on Law (pp. 395 — 429). Yoda Press.

Journal Articles

Other Writings