Pathshala Bheetar aur Baahar explores issues of the confluence of education and society. Our articles enrich the dialogue and discourse with a focus on education within and outside the classroom. 

This is a quarterly publication and is published in March, June, September and December. 

Our intent

Through the articles in our magazine, we expand on the conversations between various members in the education system: from teachers, school leaders, and educationists, to the wider community connected with education. We discuss questions around the relationship of schools with society and vice versa and the importance of school systems and their functioning. 

We bring articles together that focus on the teacher-learning experience in the classroom. We hope teacher educators and teachers can resonate and relate with the experiences we present. 

About the magazine

Different parts of our magazine can be used by teachers in their own schools and in interactions with children outside the classroom as well. 

The articles analyse and present a concrete foundation and consolidation of teacher experiences, helping teachers who read it to consider and understand their experiences and interpretations within a broader perspective.

  • Working with children

Articles in the magazine include discussions around classroom experiences, based on real experiences of working with children. 

  • Pedagogy

This section includes classroom work around specific subjects like teaching languages, science, mathematics and social sciences.

  • Focused discussions

The magazine has responses from readers and interviews with teachers from different educational contexts.,

We include focused discussions in summary formats around contemporary, important and relevant themes from participants from the field. 

Editorial Team

  • Abhay Kumar Dubey 
  • C.N. Subramaniam
  • Gautam Pandey
  • Hriday Kant Dewan
  • Manoj Kumar
  • Executive Editor
  • Gurbachan Singh
  • Jagmohan Singh Kathait 
  • Rajni Dwivedi
  • Sunil Sah


We invite authors and readers for live, online discussions on the 4th Wednesday of every month. 

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