Casteism is more than Brahminism

Amman Madan, Faculty member, Azim Premji University, in Deccan Herald, explains how Casteism when practised by the powerful, further aids their domination; and when practised by the weak, strengthens their resistance against domination.

Casteism clashes with the needs of a complex industrial society where people must cooperate and work together by going beyond their older identities. It goes against the ideas of freedom and equality, which are needed for people to work together with mutual respect. 

In today’s times, the forms of caste are changing, and its effects often operate behind the scenes through social networks and cultural domination. Brahminism is only one of the several forms it may take. Ignoring its many other forms prevents us from strengthening human dignity and well-being.

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Deccan Herald-16 Dec 2022

Amman Madan is a faculty member at Azim Premji University.