Social sector beckons

Nazrul Haque, in Deccan Herald, highlights how the social sector holds the magic combination of quality work, job satisfaction, and a sense of fulfillment. For many, this is an ideal mix of passion and profession.

The organised social sector requires a range of professionals to effectively implement and manage their activities, which includes community work, campaigning, advocacy and social action, policy development, research, education and capacity development, supervisory and managerial functions. This sector, like government or private sectors, also has its own career trajectories, opportunities and challenges. A career in social sector is driven by a curious combination of passion and commitment to a social cause, the right kind of qualification, skills, knowledge and experience. As with other professional domains of work, the social sector has also evolved in specialist areas in terms of human resource requirements.

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Deccan Herald-30 Jan 2018

Nazrul Haque is a faculty member at Azim Premji University.