Learning loss during COVID 19 pandemic: Karnataka’s Kalika Chetarike’ initiative is an effective model for other states to follow

The Karnataka government has demonstrated courage by issuing clear instructions to every teacher, principal and school that learning recovery’ across all classes, is the only real priority, says Anurag Behar in Mint.

The country’s education system continues to reel from the massive loss of learning that our children had to suffer during the covid pandemic. Till a few months ago, few states were even facing the crisis with honesty, and fewer were attempting to do anything systematically about it. However, in these past months, most states have begun to take some action to tackle this unprecedented situation. While I am not familiar with the details of the response of every state, of those that I am familiar, there are now clearly a few which are acting thoughtfully and systematically. From the states doing good work, let’s take the example of Karnataka. 

Karnataka has launched Kalika Chetarike (‘learning recovery’ in Kannada), a comprehensive programme to recover lost learning across all classes in schools. The state is doing almost everything right and therefore could be a model for other states to follow.

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