Students vs Members Cricket Match 2024

Greatest cricketing clash of this semester: The 10th edition of the students and members match


The 10th edition of the Students vs Members cricket match is an annual sporting event that has found a special place in the heart of our sporting culture. This one-off exhibition match is a farewell match to our young budding cricketers who are in their final year of college. 

This match holds a special value as the final-year students round up against their very own members — some of them with whom they have shared a class and the cricket field, to celebrate their immense contribution to the game and the sporting culture.

We invite you to come enjoy a good game of cricket and entertain yourselves thanks to the witty live commentary as the match progresses.

We would love to have you all as part of an enthralling crowd to cheer for your favourite side or just celebrate a fun session of cricket, and the spirit that this sport has inculcated in the very fabric of our sporting culture!


  • The match is played with leather ball and appropriate safety cricketing gears are used by all the participating athletes in this match.
  • A trial session happens for the selection of the squad. The selected contingent gives their best in frequent net sessions and practices on days leading up to the big event.