National Education Policy (NEP) and Educational Professionals

Understand the crucial elements of NEP and their practical implications

As the National Education Policy (NEP) progresses to the implementation stage across different states, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its key elements is essential for those seeking to play a meaningful role in the education sector. 

This webinar is designed to guide participants through these crucial elements and their practical implications. It is a must-attend for anyone keenly interested in the landscape of school education in the country. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of the NEP and explore its implications in the educational sphere.

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If you are a working professional looking to transition to the education sector or a student completing their degree in 2024, this is an opportunity to expand your horizons about the Education Sector.

Did you know that we have 300 million school going children in the country? However, how many of them who start Class 1 do manage to finish Class 12?

Listen to our faculty Rishikesh B S speaking about the current status of our school education and the need for trained professionals to lead transformation in key areas that impact the teaching-learning process. 

Rishikesh also explains the various career opportunities that await our youth to bring about positive changes in our education system, as envisaged in the NEP 2020: 

Know more about our MA in Education programme:

About the Speaker

Rishikesh B S teaches in the Master’s programme at Azim Premji University. The courses he offers for students in the MA in Education programme are related to the history of education and educational assessments. 

Before his present role at the University, he has been an educational researcher for over two decades; of this, he has spent more than a decade with Azim Premji Foundation, which allowed him to engage with the education bureaucracy as well as teachers across more than a dozen states in India.