i wonder… | Dorothy Andersen: An Unsung Hero

Katie Hafner in conversation with Vijeta Raghuram

I wonder 14 Feb 2024

At a time when women in medicine were a rarity, Dorothy Andersen became the first to describe, diagnose, and treat the symptoms of a disease (cystic fibrosis) that had baffled doctors for many years and claimed many lives. 

Yet we know very little about this remarkable woman of science. Why is so much of Andersen’s story lost to us? Why are stories like hers important to hear and tell? What role do they have in making science classrooms and labs more inclusive and richer learning spaces?

Explore these questions with Katie Hafner and Vijeta Raghuram.

Read Andersen’s biography here.

About the Speakers

Katie Hafner is an American journalist and author. She is a former staff member of The New York Times, and has written articles and books on subjects including technology and history. She has been writing on women in STEM for ~30 years and is a co-producer and host of the podcast Lost Women of Science, the first season of which is dedicated to Dorothy Andersen. 

Vijeta Raghuram is the Programme Manager-Education at IndiaBioscience and an Associate Editor of i wonder… magazine. 

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