An Inquiry-Based Approach to Germination

Explore ways of transforming science labs into spaces for inquiry into everyday phenomena, such as germination. Join us in our next interactive webinar with Dhanya K and Radha Gopalan

I wonder webinar 8 May 2024 LN

Can a science lab offer space for students to inquire into everyday phenomena like germination by designing and conducting their own experiments? What role would a teacher play in this process? 

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Their discussion will be around this article by Dhanya from the latest issue of i wonder….

The discussion will be in English

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About the speakers

Dhanya has worked as a high school biology teacher. She is interested in supporting students to be active learners and in making biology more approachable and fun to learn.

Radha is a Consulting Editor at i wonder….She has worked as a middle and high school environmental science teacher. She is interested in creating open, democratic, learning spaces for children.

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