Students vs Members Cricket Match

Greatest cricketing clash of this semester: The 9th edition of the students and members match


With utmost excitement we announce the greatest cricketing clash of this semester: The 9th edition of the students and members match. It’s the ultimate David vs Goliath fixture and one that gets everyone exhilarated. 

The students and members match has always been a significant event, and it’s a celebration of the long history of good sporting spirit displayed over the years by both students and members. Just like every year, this year too this clash promises to be bigger than it has every year.

But beyond this, we are even more excited to announce a few new viewing experiences for this match such as the floodlight, grass cover, and most importantly, for you all, a small grass hill right next to the entrance of the ground. 

Yes, a grass hill for audiences to chill and watch the match in comfort, just like the small unique seating section of the Sydney Cricket Ground which consists of a small hill. The view from here offers one of the best views of the ground, thus make sure you reach the ground faster and secure a seat for yourself there.

But before we kickstart, here’s a little history about this fun match:

2013 — Students won
2014 — Students won
2015 — Students won
2016 — Members won
2017 — Members won
2018 — Students won
2019 — Students won
2022 — Students won

With both teams preparing harder than ever, and a viewing experience that’s better than ever, this match promises full entertainment for both the teams and the audience! To hype this game further, find the team posters of this event below:

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