Science Communication and Outreach in a Research Institute

A story of institutional agenda, funds, networks, and the will to experiment, by Somdatta Karak, Science Communicator, CSIR-CCMB, Hyderabad

2023 02 17 Somdatta Karak

Research institutes in India are increasingly considering a dedicated arm on science communication and outreach. And, often the motivation for it stems from more visibility to the institute and their work. In her talk, she will speak about how research institutes and universities can work beyond and not compromise on this agenda. 

Much of her talk will be focused on how the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) prioritises its science communication and outreach efforts, how these efforts have evolved in the past years to work better with various communities, and aspects where we still need to grow better. This will be a story of institutional agenda, funds, networks and will to experiment.

About the Speaker

Somdatta Karak is trained in life sciences and loves working with educators and students. She is an ex-Teach for India fellow. In her current role, she leads science communication and public outreach at CSIR-CCMB (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology), Hyderabad. She loves networking and developing newer ideas for effectively impacting science education in the country.