PSI2023: Current debates in Philosophy of Science

Why are mental disorders autonomous but not like software bugs? What are the challenges of evaluating citizen science data? Explore these questions and more


We invite you to attend PSI2023, a conference being hosted by Azim Premji University on the Philosophy of Science, organised in collaboration with PhilSci India.

The topic this year is Current Debates in Philosophy of Science.

Keynote Speakers

In addition to the keynote talks, there will be presentations based on submitted papers as well as special sessions for papers by Masters and early-stage PhD researchers. 

Please see the programme schedule for further details, or the conference website here.

The conference will also be live-streamed. If you would like to attend online, please send an email to philsci.​india@​gmail.​com

About PhilSci India

PhilSci India is a collective of philosophers of science either working in India or interested in the development of the discipline within India, formed with the intention to support and promote philosophy of science in India. 

In pursuit of this aim, the members organise seminars, workshops, winter schools, and other community-building opportunities that connect young scholars in India with the international philosophy of science community. 


Registration for in-person attendance is not needed. For those who would like to attend online, please contact us at philsci.​india@​gmail.​com to get the link.

Join us for an interview with Professor Sabina Leonelli, a professor at the University of Exeter and the author of the groundbreaking book Philosophy of Open Science.”